2018 Powerlifting Competition

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Powerlifting Competition General Info

Lifters will be classified by weight and gender. The three lifts will be: Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift, to be performed in that order. Each competitor is allowed three attempts at each of their lifts. The best completed attempt for each lift counts toward the competitor’s total. The winner in each division is the lifter with the highest total score based on the Wilks Calculator Formula. Any lift assistance from a spotter will constitute in a failed attempt, you may bring your own spotters, but judges will have final say when providing assistance.

Dress Attire
A bench shirt may be worn as an undershirt, but no lifting gloves, knee/elbow wraps and/ or foot wear with any sort of cleating. A belt may be worn during all lifts, provided it is made of leather or vinyl. Lifters are allowed to use chalk, talc, resin or baby powder.

Weigh In
Check in time will be 1 hour before competition. Equipment will be reviewed at this time as well. After weigh in the head judge will meet with competitors to go over rules and regulations.

Competitors may begin to weigh in starting 5am, June 7th. Competition will be held on June 8th at 10am.

Women’s                              All Inclusive
Lightweight                          165 & Under
Middleweight                       166-194
Heavyweight                       195-224
Super Heavyweight             225 +

First lift at 10 am with food to be served after 12 pm.

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June 30th